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Chronicles of Nannya

Chronicles of Nannya is a resource podcast meant to help connect and inspire nannies from around the world. Every week we cover a new activity, issue or aspect of nannying in the hopes that you can use the information with your little ones! For more resources, visit the "Episode Resource" Page on the Chronicles of Nannya website for pictures, print outs, links and more. If you have any questions, suggestions, encouragements or stories you'd like to share, please send us an email here. Nannying is hard work, but the rewards are endless! 

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Desks & Dayjobs

Come on in and sit for a while, and hear the tale of four bold adventurers on Desks & Dayjobs, a Dungeons & Dragons podcast set in the real, boring world! Based on the characters and classes from the fifth edition of the classic game, Desks & Dayjobs takes all that cool fantasy stuff and translates it to the mundane world of office life. Tune in to hear the adventures of Brube Camry the accountant (Dwarf Rogue), Hobe Shadetree the HR representative (Halfling Druid), Orlando Jordan the middle manager (Tiefling Barbarian), and Stuart Beacon the IT guy (Half-Elf Wizard). Will our heroes be able to overcome the awkwardness of office social interactions? Will they be able to solve the puzzles of malfunctioning office equipment? Will they defeat the final, literal boss?

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Impress Me With Music

Impress Me With Music is a weekly podcast where comedians Mary Novokhovsky and Dave Metz strive to create the perfect playlist. Each week they'll bring you a collection of songs by new artists, hidden gems, timeless B-sides and the occasional hit. You can listen and stream their playlists on Spotify by following ImpressMeWithMusic. 

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New Player Has Entered The Game

Three goofs and Chicago comics, Samantha Berkman, James Fisher, and Dane Arden, bring a guest on every two weeks to talk about video games, current video game culture as well as our experience playing video games growing up and try to bring back that feeling of sitting on the couch playing video games with your friends. Watch clips of us playing video games with our guests on our youtube page New Player Podcast!


Please Make This

Are you sick and tired of unoriginal Hollywood reboots and adaptations? Don’t you wish somebody would re-inject Tinsel Town with some creative vigor?

Well, you’ve come to the right place! Please Make This is a podcast where Hobert Thompson, Spencer Blair, Richie Owens, and a guest writer, come up with, and then write scenes from, a movie that Hollywood needs to make. Then, actors come in and do a table read of the scenes to bring the movies to life!

Hey Hollywood? Please Make This!


Three dumb idiots talk about the biggest lizard idiot who shoots dumb radiation out of his dum dum face.

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Sell Me A Pup

In the early 20th century, the phrase "sell me a dog" became synonymous with lies breeders told about their dogs in order to more easily sell them. In "Sell Me A Pup," hosts Brandon Kirkman, Chels Harvey and their dog-intern Ryan ask Chicago's best comics and improvisers to do just that: review great pop culture that you may not already know because they're making it up on the spot. Join the gang as they discuss the best music, movies, video games, books and television series, both real and invented, playing games and conducting reviews to sell us that pup.

What About Chicago?!

"What About Chicago?!", is your weekly show exploring live art, music, entertainment and cultural performances going on, in and around the great city of Chicago.